Tuesday, August 28, 2012


A day care center is a very lucrative business. As parents spend majority of their time in the workplace,they take their children to day care centers where their children would be taken care off till they come back.to do this business you have to be energetic and can keep up with the demands of your highly active job,you have to be responsible, consistent, and competent. Most importantly,you must possesses a fondness for children and the patience to deal with them.

This business is relatively easy to organize and requires very little in terms of capital. You can start your business in your home provided you have ample space. Otherwise, you can lease space elsewhere and set up your daycare center there.you have to Make sure that play or activity area is enclosed or has safety gates so that the kids won’t be able wander off outside and onto the street. You have to make the place safe for the children,don’t leave electrical wires exposed,sharp objects like blades,knife cutlass etc,also if possible don’t have animal pets arround steps.The toys you buy should not be too small for the children to swallow.make the place look lively buy colourful kids furnitures,have a television set to play children musical,cartoons and films. You can charge as high as N10,000 or N15,000 a month depending on the area you are located so if you have 20 or 25 kids just imagine the amount you would be making every month after deducting your expenses.if you don’t have money for new televison set you could get a used one in alaba international market ojo, also you can get the children films from this market also.     Okocha Nkem ( Author 120 and more businesses you can do and succeed in Nigeria) novinekonceptventures@gmail.com 07031234855,08028473125

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