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Agents can earn N250,000 monthly and more as an Etranzact Pocketmoni Agent.


  1. Fill out Agent application form with an Aggregator.
  2. Submit required documents
  3. Pay N6,000 Agent registration fee
  4. Undergo Etranzact mobile money training
  5. Etranzact awards you a certificate for mobile money operation and gives you a barge for identification, a transaction log an agent code and an efloat account.
  6. Agents funds account and commences operation

Agents make money in many ways:
  1. 45% of every transaction fee done at their location
  2. 25% of monthly transaction fee for all their users RECRUITED by them
  3. 5% for every other agent referred by them
  4. Recharge card sales
  5. Efloat funding /loading

  1. Sell mobile money cards to end users ( Agent makes N100 for every one mobile money card sold)
  2. Sell recharge cards
  3. Win merchant accounts and earn up to 35% of his transactions fees
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How to Run a Small Business

By Brian M Layne

When learning how to run a small business you have to determine what kind of entrepreneur you are. Are you the kind who suddenly has an idea and decides to go with it? Or did you have an inspiring idea and are still pondering on it. Both these approaches basically have the same outcome. Once you have decided to go it alone and are setting up and running your small business, in order to have a solid base to work from you must establish a motivation.

What Motivates You?

Every person is different, and because of this each and everybody has different motivations as to why they are running their small business. Your motivation might be:

* I don't want to work for a boss. Most people find this their strongest motivation; they want to be their own boss.

* Working 9 - 5 makes me crazy, many people want out of the 9 - 5 trap.

* The BIG idea! Many owners of small businesses think that a particular idea is so exciting that they just have to try it.

* Finding a need and satisfying that need or change in lifestyle.

* I have lost my job and what do I do now?

* And the final, and most important, MONEY! Money is a very strong motivator.

There is a world of difference between being an entrepreneur and an employee. And one really important question you have to ask is, do I have the right personality to be a successful entrepreneur and rel=nofollow []run a small business The stronger your motivation the move able you will be to make a success of your business.

Decision Making

Decision making is integral to learning how to run a small business. Decision made as an employee are applied differently, when you are running you own small business you will be called to make decisions, that might determine whether the mortgage or rent is going to be paid at the end of the month. Decision taking should be fast and decisive.

Believe in Your Self

Self confidence is vital to attract and retain customers when learning how to run a small business. You have got to have both confidence in yourself and your product. This attribute works hand in hand with decision making. Make a decision, stick to it, and believe in your own ability, this will give your customers confidence in YOU.

Self Discipline

Because of the flexibility that being self employed brings about, you have got to practice self discipline. Self discipline dictates that you have to get out of bed on a rainy, wet Monday morning and work. You have to tackle difficult tasks and not put them off till tomorrow. Focus on your goals!


Determination is probably the most important of all these factors. Focus on the task ahead and wade through every obstacle in your way. If you are distracted from the path of your goals, then get right back on track again with determination.

All of these factors are vital when learning how to run a small business. Once you have these in place, your business will be successful.

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Article Source: [] How to Run a Small Business

How to Start a Small Business by Teaching Others How to Earn Extra Money

By Steve Boston

When people think about starting a small business they usually don't think about helping other people to make money because they are focused on making money for themselves. This is how business works, for after all, this is where the focus should be. There is a business model, however, that takes a different approach altogether. What people have come to understand as network marketing is based on the premise that in order to succeed in business you have to help the next person that comes along succeed. In a way, this flies in direct opposition to the standard business model of competition. In traditional business, in order to succeed, the competition has to be beaten. In network marketing, there may be friendly competition with other companies that sell similar products, but it is one of the only enterprises that is based on the principle of cooperation as its modus operandi.

In network marketing each independent contractor builds his or her own network of customers and like-minded entrepreneurs. As each individual builds his or her organization, the main focus is always on helping the new person who becomes a business owner succeed financially. As the novice begins to make money he or she repeats the process. This can be likened to the corporate franchising model. As new restaurants and coffee shops are built, for example, all adhering to the same business standards and practices, more are then added and revenues are increased. Network marketing requires little start-up fees, offers free training and support, access to distribution centers worldwide, popular products, and best of all, lucrative compensation plans that are both residual and exponential. Check some of these companies out online. Your interests, talents and abilities may just be the right fit for a modern day social networking business opportunity.

Steve Boston is an author, television producer, boxing trainer and marketing entrepreneur. He helps people start online businesses with little or no investment-no paper, no inventory, no employees, no bosses, and best of all-potential income that can far exceed professional salaries anywhere on the planet in an industry that is unlimited in growth. Visit this site:

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How to Start a Small Business Successfully

By Larry Buhrandt

How to start a small business successfully can be quite a challenge. When you decided to start your own business, you have entered one of the most exciting career opportunities you'll ever have - becoming your own boss! Whether you are deciding on part time evening jobs, jobs on line, or some other small business idea, you will need a plan of action.

The first step to a successful business is being able to identify an opportunity. But finding an opportunity in this strained economic environment can be hard to recognize, and it could also take courage on your part to pursue it.

But if you want to make a change in your life, if you want to take control of your destiny, starting your own business is truly the answer.

Are you planning to launch a new business from the ground up? If you do, it could be more costly an investment than you anticipate. A brand new business, complete with office space, employees and a bank note is a huge undertaking.

An alternative approach would be to get involved with an established business, where the hard work has been done for you. A company that has a proven system in place where people are already having success. And you can step right in, and start growing your business from day one.

But you still need to do your research. You need to study the top trends in the industry. Is the product that you will be promoting, in high demand? What is your income potential? What do you have to do before you start seeing a profit? As I learn more about a company, I find that I also need to learn about the leaders running the company.

If you start your own business for the right reasons, if you're motivated, willing to learn, ready to promote yourself, and work hard, a business like this could change your life, the way it's changed mine.

Don't allow the recession to stand in the way of your future. Learn everything you can on how to start a small business, follow the steps above, and you too will find success.

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