Saturday, September 5, 2009

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Small Business

In Nigeria, the people are crying for lack of opportunities to do business, jobs etc. Nigeria is a country that is so blessed by God with unending natural and human resources, and For our country to grow we have to make things happen, for any change to come.
Research has shown that small-scale entrepreneur is a feeder for economic growth that is for Nigeria to grow we need more hands; it pays to own your own business because it means controlling a mainstay. To own your own business pays more than being an employee, investing or saving. We should stop using our resources to develop other people’s countries
This book is written for those who are tired of working for others, individuals who want to spend more time with their families, people who do not love the job they are doing, and it is for those who want to start their business but do not know which one to begin with. It is for youths who are in higher institutions, for entrepreneurs looking for more business ideas, and
for jobless individuals.
Start your business with whatever you have, do not wait until you have millions, you can start the business while working then consider resignation.
Resigning from your well-paid job, for the unknown might seem risky, but we have many people who have done that and testified that it is better to own your business than to be employed. Those people are the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS of these big companies. Remember somebody started those companies.
Business is about satisfying a need; the need might be goods or services, so look for a business idea in this book, which can match a need that will satisfy humanity.
As you read this book and utilize the ideas in it, may all your efforts in starting your own business be crowned with success.

Excerpts from 120 Businesses you can do and suceed in Nigeria.

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