Sunday, October 25, 2009

Business Tips: Getting Started in Business
Does the market demand a change? Getting paid for doing what you love can be the most rewarding experience, but it can also present challenges. Are you up to it? The first step to the American dream of business ownership is to take your own personal inventory. Most people are pushed into an industry by psychological or environmental pressure. Maybe, because their father did it, or because a teacher said they would be great at it. Your Personal Inventory Are you Good with: People - do you possess communication skills? Numbers - are you detail oriented? Computers - are you good with technology? What do you Love? Kids Animals The Great Outdoors Reading Do kids get on your nerves; do you like working with animals; do you feel trapped if forced to work in an office on a nice day? How would feel about working outdoors? What are you good at? What are your passions? Are you detail oriented, or are you creative? Do you have sales and marketing skills? Are you good at problem solving? Considering your personal inventory, determine your unique attributes, talents, skills. What do you like to do; what are you good at; what would you rather be spending your time doing while making money. The next task is to figure out how you can make money doing what you love while utilizing your best talents and skills. Do not go into a business venture simply to make a lot of money; you want to make a living doing what you enjoy. Keep your focus on the reason you chose the industry and type of business you will be in. Remember, if you do it right, with the right attitude, and the money will follow. © Bill Bartmann, Billionaire Business Systems
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